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Product Name: Brass Bookmark with Tassel Hollow Out
Material: Brass
Size: 120*30*0.6MM (length*width*thickness)
Product Name: Tassel Hollow Copper Bookmark
Material: Copper
Size: 120*30*0.6MM (length*width*thickness)

Tempering Tips: Brass has a changeable color, and it will gradually oxidize naturally with use, and the color will change with oxidation, forming a unique retro charm, full of a sense of age. About the maintenance of brass: brass will oxidize. After a long time of use, it will be fully oxidized with air and sweat, and the color will become darker and darker. Especially in summer, the temperature is particularly high, which will accelerate the oxidation of brass, especially in the hand. The part, because the sweat has been in contact with it, will turn black under high temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe it with a paper towel after each use at the beginning of use, so that a small amount of sweat can be evenly distributed on the copper pen. After a long time, a protective layer of "paste" will be formed. It is recommended to wipe the body of the pen with a paper towel dipped in a little vegetable oil (soybean oil, blended oil, peanut oil, etc.) every month. In this way, the appearance of your copper pen will be very good, with the feeling of old things, charm, and a sense of lingering history!

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