Custom Name Personalised Big Name Stainless Steel Kids Drink Bottles 500ml Water Bottle

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【 Material Description 】304 stainless steel
【Accessory structure】cup + straw
【Product performance】Best quality: Made of high-quality stainless steel, environmentally friendly and food-grade materials to ensure the safety and health of drinking water.
Sturdy and durable: The design of the straw at the mouth of the cup makes it easy to drink water when you press the suction mouth, and the mouth of the cup is firm and leak-proof, and the thickened design of the bottom of the cup makes this cup more durable.
Easy to carry: The airtight design makes it difficult for beverages to spill, and it is easy to carry and very suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping, beaches, etc.
Convenient and practical: Humanized design, beautiful and practical, strong flexibility, can be rotated and disassembled, easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to use.
【Applicable Scenarios】It is suitable for children to go out to play, park activities, daily school, etc.
【 Washing instructions】It is easy to clean and can be used repeatedly. When you receive it, please scald it with boiling water before using it to remove the dust generated by the cup during the production process.

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